As many of you are aware, we launched this website in 2013.  One of the new features of this website is our new client portal, which allows us to securely exchange documents with each other, and send you copies of your tax returns electronically.  With tax season already upon us, we invite you to take advantage of the convenience and security our portal has to offer.

In recent years many of us have found it more convenient to send documents electronically.  With our portal, you can now send us your personal tax return documents, such as W-2s, K-1s, and 1099s, electronically.  Some of you may even receive these documents electronically already, which would make the portal even more convenient for you.

Signing up for our portal is a quick and simple two step process.  The first step is answering a security question to ensure proper security of your portal, and the second step is for you to choose your login name and password.

Once you are registered, we will set you up with our “File Exchange” feature that will allow us to exchange documents with each other.

Please call us at 847-517-8222 or email us at and we will get you set up right away.  We are really excited about the convenience and security that our portal can provide to you, and we hope that you take advantage of it.