Company Profile

CJG Partners LLP provides a variety of business advisory services and sound advice intended to assist independently driven companies grow through the many stages of corporate development. As your organization expands with new growth and challenges, we can assist in that expansion, helping to maximize profitability as you introduce new products and pursue new customers to fuel that growth.

The Clients We Serve

Our clients are extremely successful business people whom we have worked with to achieve their corporate vision. They are leaders in business and in the community, operating enterprises in various forms, including closely held family/private corporations, limited liability corporations, partnerships and joint ventures. We assist clients across numerous industries, including manufacturing, transportation, construction, technology and consumer markets.

Our Services

We offer a variety of financial services such as audits, reviews, compilations, valuations and QuickBooks training. Our firm also offers professional expertise in tax, profit sharing, 401(k) and estate planning with a committed goal of achieving the best economical outcome. With over 30 years of experience, CJG Partners LLP carries out its services with integrity and excellence and continues to achieve innovative solutions to grow and maximize profitability.

Our success is affirmed in the success of our clients. The answers that we provide are based on long-term relationships, cost-effective solutions, immediate responses with up-to-date information and quality service.


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